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Elva's All Naturals
Home Cleaning Trio


Looking for earth-friendly products that WORK? 💪 And make life easier, not harder? How about looking to cut down on plastic? Check, check, check! ✔️

This little power cleaning bundle includes:

1 x "1 CLEANER" Universal cleaner for all surfaces, 500 ml

1 x "SQUEAK" Concentrated Dish Wash, Soapwort & Lemon Lime, 500 ml

1 x "LOVELY" Lavender Laundry Wash, 500 ml (up to 50 loads and HE Machine Safe)

100% botanical, biodegradable and septic-safe. Full ingredients and reviews are listed on each individual product's page.

Contains ZERO toxic chemicals. 100% Plant-based, low-waste and refillable! 🌎 Made with love in Canada.

Did you know? We're super proud that these 3 products have been rated "TOP PICKS" by environmental journalist Candice Batista on The Eco Hub, since 2021!