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Our Story

people. planet. pure.

Well hello there! Elva's All Naturals is a Canadian family business, based in Prince Edward County, Ontario. My name is Kirsten and I'm the gal in the middle. Elva is my beloved Nana, our company's inspiration and basis for the logo. (The logo is a tracing of her wedding pic, when she was 25!)

We are part of a growing movement of people that we'd like to call "The Toxic Chemical Rebellion". It isn't just about choosing organic and natural; it's about putting an end to buying and selling products manufactured with ingredients that are scientifically proven and known to cause harm.

At Elva's All Naturals, we genuinely care about people and our planet. They are valuable and need protecting. This care is woven into the very fabric of our business and why we decided to launch this company in the first place. We are passionate about our mission to help people detoxify their personal environments, their homes, families, our precious oceans and the earth we share. And ultimately, improve people's quality of life!

It's All About the Recipes

Ian and Kirsten, Founders of Elva's All Naturals

The passion for natural products all started when I worked for Greenpeace as a teenager and wrote a book called "How to Detoxify Your Personal Environment". It was a book of natural and toxin-free recipes for everything you'd use in your home - from cosmetics to cleaning and gardening. It was the start of my lifelong true passion for formulating non-toxic and superior alternatives to mainstream household products filled with toxic chemicals. (I can actually recall making my first line of skin care products when I was 17, on the stove and making a HUGE mess!! My Mom was patient but *ahem* I kind of got temporarily banned from making kitchen messes involving beeswax...).

Every single product we developed was specifically designed to help someone we love. For example, our teenage daughters had sensitive and acne-prone skin. So we went into the lab and started blending products for them (including GLOW Pillowy Foaming Face Wash and GLOW Brightening Skin Toner). And we succeeded in helping them - and their friends (then the rest of our family, friends and clients!) to clear up and dramatically improve their skin in just a matter of weeks, with our GLOW natural skincare line.

1 CLEANER was born out of the need for something better - that really works (without streaking). We were armed with the knowledge that too many people we love and care about were spraying toxic chemicals into their homes, without understanding the dire and long-term health consequences of doing so.

And, like many people, we were just tired of using natural products that didn't work quite as well as their toxic and readily available counterparts. And even those labelled 'green' still contained toxics and ingredients known to be harmful to people and aquatic life after going down the drain ("green washing"). Or, that left streaks or that couldn't be used absolutely everywhere in the house. So again, into the lab we marched! After hundreds of recipe attempts (and the help of a few chemists), 1 CLEANER was born. Now, I clean with a clear conscience and my surfaces are sparkly to boot. :) 

I'd like to thank God for the Universe and for the amazing recipe formula gifts. I asked for help and got it. Many happy accidents as we developed these products. Just too wonderful to be accidents; they were meant to be. I am so grateful.

By harnessing the power of pure natural and plant-derived ingredients, we are protecting nature itself.  We believe we can make a difference in people's qualities of life, health and ultimately their overall well-being. That is a great motivator to us! What we put on our body and then what we flush down our drain systems to the fish does matter. A lot. 

Unfortunately, most natural ingredients cost more, yes. We know that our margins will be smaller as a result and so we can't always compete on price. But we've made the important choice as a company to put people and our planet first, without compromise.

Our company takes a stand against toxics in products used in our homes and on our bodies. At Elva's, we say NO to known toxics, SLS/SLES, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum-based chemicals, Polysorbates and artificial "fragrance".

We would like you to join us in saying YES! to products that are healthy and come from plants and other good things like sea salt. Our products are made with great care, from certified organic, natural ingredients and essential oils. ALL of our products are 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and always cruelty-free. 

We hope you love our products as much as we do!

people. planet. pure. 

Kirsten Pelchat, CEO