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Elva's All Naturals
Earth Bundle: Home Cleaning Trio, Pantry Refills
Chemical Free, 100% Botanical, Concentrated, High-Efficiency Machine Safe, All Natural Cleaning, Septic Safe, Refill


Select from 4 different options:
Lavender Laundry 1.5 L + Dish 1.5 L + 1 Cleaner with glass spray bottle 3 L
Unscented Laundry 1.5 L + Dish 1.5 L +1 Cleaner with glass spray bottle 3 L
Lavender Laundry 1.5 L + Dish 1.5 L + 1 Cleaner (no bottle) 3 L
Unscented Laundry 1.5 L + Dish 1.5 L = 1 Cleaner (no bottle) 3 L

NEW Bundle! Celebrate Earth Day every day by helping eliminate chemicals and plastic bottle waste from our waterways and landfills.💚

Save $ and waste by refilling your bottles. Earth Bundle includes 1 home refill box of each of the "Home Cleaning Trio" (4 options)

(click on any product title to view full product details, reviews and ingredients): 

1 x "1 CLEANER" - 3 L Universal ALL surfaces cleaning spray (select with or without spray bottle). Beautiful light citrusy smell. (Featured on CTV's "The Social" and The Marilyn Denis show!)

1 x "SQUEAK" Dish Soap - 1.5 L concentrated dish wash, lemon-lime. 1.5 L = up to 6 litres of traditional dish soap. Can also be used in the dishwasher! Best applied in drops directly to sponge or dish cloth for sink washing.

1 x "LOVELY" Laundry Wash - 1.5 L in (select either classic Lavender or Unscented). 1.5 L = up to 150 loads of laundry, at just 2 tsp. per average load.

Why this helps the Earth: 🌎

✔️  Ingredients in all 3 products are all natural and made from plants. Contains NO SLS/SLES, sulfates, phthalates, parabens, toluene, ammonia, bleach, triclosan, borax, artificial fragrance nor any 'no-no' ingredients on 'unacceptables' lists. All 3 products are 100% biodegradable, septic and greywaters safe. 🌊

✔️ By buying in bulk, think of all the gas and trips to the store, shipping, delivery vehicles gas and energy saved!

✔️ Concentrated formulas of the dish soap and laundry wash eliminate excess water.

✔️ Home Refill Boxes are thoughtfully packaged with the earth in mind, they are liquids in thin recyclable bags with spouts, and within a recyclable or compostable cardboard box for easy dispensing from your pantry. No bulky plastic jugs, and no stand-up pouches (most pouches aren't even recyclable and almost all end up in landfills). 

 ✔️ "Refill not landfill" - home refill boxes eliminate excess packaging and waste, and from plastic cleaning product bottles especially. Simply refill the bottles you already have! 

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 We're proud that all 3 products were also recently reviewed and featured on "The Eco Hub" as TOP recommended eco picks by environmental journalist Candice Batista in 2021, 2022 & 2023😊