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Elva's All Naturals announces circular economy partnership with Circulr

May 11, 2021 - Elva's All Naturals announced today that it has just partnered with Circulr, a circular economy and packaging collection start-up based in Toronto, Ontario. Both companies are corporate and collaborating members of Impact Zero; a Toronto-based organization focused on building the local circular economy to reduce negative environmental impact.

A circular economy is a new economic system that circulates resources through our economy at their highest value. It eliminates the need to extract natural resources and stop sending wasted resources to landfills by seeing waste differently: by systemically reusing, repairing, re-selling and recycling materials and valuing what we already have.

This is in contrast to a linear economy where we take resources, make products with those resources, and eventually throw them away.



The partnership means that consumers will now be able to bring their empty and rinsed Elva's All Naturals' packaging to designated drop-off bin locations in Ontario, for collection and reuse by the brand. Elva's All Naturals will be accepting back all product packaging materials (excluding cardboard) and including glass, aluminum, PET plastics and plastic components such as pump tops and spray tops. Following sanitization (and recycling into new components for plastic pieces), these materials will be reused in the production of new products and will help further minimize the company's eco footprint. (For a complete list of drop-off locations and participating brands, please visit 

By taking back empties for reuse, the program helps reduce the company's demand for virgin materials and supports its mission to be sustainable.

Customers can sign up at, to track their returns and get rewarded each time they return their empties from participating brands.

While the program is still relatively new with drop-off bin locations in the GTA to start, Circulr is actively seeking retailers and commercial locations that are willing to host a small collection container onsite. To participate, please contact Circulr here

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kirsten Pelchat, CEO
Elva's All Naturals Inc.



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