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Elva’s All Naturals’ facial toner wins 1st place in 2022 Clean Beauty Awards

Elva’s All Naturals’ facial toner wins 1st place in 2022 Clean Beauty Awards

Milton, ON, Canada, July 20, 2022 – Elva's All Naturals’ GLOW. Brightening Facial Toner with Bioflavonoids has been announced the 1st Place Winner in the facial toner/mist category, in CertClean’s 7th annual Clean Beauty Awards. In addition, Ethereal GLOW. Facial Oil (also by Elva’s) received the honour of Top 10 Finalist. The esteemed Clean Beauty Awards were created to acknowledge and reward superior beauty and personal care products formulated without the use of harmful chemicals, by trailblazers in the clean beauty market.

More than 450 best-selling, clean beauty products from around the globe were nominated for this year’s awards and were judged by an international panel of 146 beauty specialists. Finalists/Winners/Top3 were chosen in each of the 24 product categories.

“We are thrilled to receive this high honour and international recognition for clean skincare. We’re particularly excited because we’ve always believed so much in the product and unique benefits of the formula. This award is wonderful to receive after the years of hard work and research we’ve put into our formulations, and into the topical benefits of active citrus bioflavonoids specifically. Formulating clean products that are all natural, cruelty-free and without harmful chemicals is our very mission at Elva’s. Since our skin has over 5 million pores it’s fair to say we are basically walking sponges, making it extremely important to consider what you put on your skin and allow to enter your bloodstream. So when a skincare formula turns out to be both clean and highly beneficial, that’s when you know you have a winning product.” says Kirsten Pelchat, CEO.

Refreshing, balancing and skin-brightening, the facial toner is also a makeup setting spray. It is pH-balanced, alcohol-free and contains organic and active citrus bioflavonoids which Elva’s believes can be an integral contributor to overall skin radiance and health. Although not yet commonly used in skincare, citrus bioflavonoids are prized for their anti-aging, skin brightening, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties when applied topically, making them a logical and welcome addition to any skincare regime. And says Pelchat, “likely to gain more attention in the beauty industry, as awareness grows about their incredible skincare benefits.”

The deliberate absence of alcohol in the formula further supports the preservation of the skin’s natural surface biome, while eliminating the ultimately drying effect of alcohol present in most skin toners on the market.  In addition, the botanical composition based on aloe vera and witch hazel offer hydration, pore tightening and a gentle soothing effect on the skin. This is further complemented by lemongrass oil: rich in anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and astringent properties, it is praised for its ability to clear skin congestion, reduce redness and hyperpigmentation. Together, the carefully-chosen ingredients in GLOW. Brightening Facial Toner with Bioflavonoids combine to produce a skin brightening effect; hence the name.

About Elva’s All Naturals

Based in Milton, Ontario and founded in 2019 by owners Kirsten and Ian, Elva’s All Naturals is a manufacturer of natural products and a family business, named after Kirsten’s Nana Elva. Their mission is to make natural home and beauty products that support the wellness of both people and the planet, and the reduction of unnecessary waste. Making premium products that are innovative in their packaging and sustainability, their formulas do not compromise on quality. From home cleaning to soaps, body washes, shampoo, skincare and product refills, all of their products are made in Canada, cruelty-free and formulated to EU standards. Their best-selling cleaning product "1 Cleaner" was recently featured on TV on CTV’s “The Social” in April 2022, in a segment featuring innovative Canadian eco-friendly brands with environmental journalist Candice Batista.

About CertClean

CertClean is North America´s leading certification for safer skincare. CertClean screens beauty and personal care product labels formulated without the use of potentially harmful ingredients, making buying beauty products easier and healthier for consumers. With over 2000 products CertClean certified, beauty and personal care lovers can be confident with their purchases by seeking out the CertClean label. For more information visit and follow CertClean on Facebook and Instagram @CertClean.

About Clean Beauty Awards

Established in 2015, the Clean Beauty Awards is the leading awards program honouring excellence in clean beauty and personal care products within the following 24 categories: lipstick, lip care, eye care, mascara, eyeliner, eye colour, nail care, odour care, perfume, beard care, hand sanitizer, body wash, body scrub, body care, sun care, hair wash, hair treatment, face cream, face serum, face oil, toner/mist, face mask, face scrub and face wash. The 7th annual Clean Beauty Awards received 455 entries from Canada, the US, Australia and throughout Europe.

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Contact: Kirsten Pelchat, CEO

Elva’s All Naturals