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Elva's All Naturals
Earth Bundle: Home Cleaning Trio, Pantry Refills
Chemical Free, 100% Botanical, Concentrated, High-Efficiency Machine Safe, All Natural Cleaning, Septic Safe, Refill

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NEW Bundle! Celebrate Earth Day every day by helping eliminate chemicals and plastic bottle waste from our waterways and landfills.💚

Save $20 on the Earth Bundle which includes 1 home refill box of each of the "Home Cleaning Trio" (4 options)

(click on any product title to view full product details, reviews and ingredients): 

1 x "1 CLEANER" - 3 L Universal ALL surfaces cleaning spray (select with or without spray bottle). Beautiful light citrusy smell. (Featured on CTV's "The Social" on April 14th, 2022! To watch the clip online, click here.)

1 x "SQUEAK" Dish Soap - 1.5 L concentrated dish wash, lemon-lime. 1.5 L = up to 6 litres of traditional dish soap. Can also be used in the dishwasher! Best applied in drops directly to sponge or dish cloth for sink washing.

1 x "LOVELY" Laundry Wash - 1.5 L in (select either classic Lavender or Unscented). 1.5 L = up to 150 loads of laundry, at just 2 tsp. per average load.

Why this helps the Earth: 🌎

✔️  Ingredients in all 3 products are all natural and made from plants. Contains NO SLS/SLES, suflates, phthalates, parabens, toluene, ammonia, bleach, triclosan, borax, artificial fragrance nor any 'no-no' ingredients on 'unacceptables' lists. All 3 products are 100% biodegradable, septic and greywaters safe. 🌊

✔️ By buying in bulk, think of all the gas and trips to the store, shipping, delivery vehicles gas and energy saved!

✔️ Concentrated formulas of the dish soap and laundry wash eliminate excess water.

✔️ Home Refill Boxes are thoughtfully packaged with the earth in mind, they are liquids in thin recyclable bags with spouts, and within a recyclable or compostable cardboard box for easy dispensing from your pantry. No bulky plastic jugs, and no stand-up pouches (most pouches aren't even recyclable and almost all end up in landfills). 

 ✔️ "Refill not landfill" - home refill boxes eliminate excess packaging and waste, and from plastic cleaning product bottles especially. Simply refill the bottles you already have! 

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 We're proud that all 3 products were also recently reviewed and featured on "The Eco Hub" as TOP recommended eco picks by environmental journalist Candice Batista in March 2021 & 2022 😊