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Elva's All Naturals
360 Swivel Spray Mop with 9 Microfibre Pads
Reusable, Lightweight, Durable, All Floor Types, Eco Friendly, Wet/Dry Mop


Choose from 2 options:
Spray Mop (mop only, no cleaning solution)
Total Floor Cleaning KIT - includes Spray Mop with 9 Cloths and 3 L "1 Cleaner" Universal Floor Cleaning Solution
  • Product Info
  • This mop is durable, lightweight and SUPER easy to use!  Might we even

    As Seen on TVThe Marilyn Denis Show
    Featuring a telescopic handle, swiveling mop head, 9 reusable microfiber mop pads and a refillable 300 ml tank.

    Includes NINE super durable and machine washable microfiber cleaning pads.  (It's enough pads to clean the whole house before having to wash the pads.) These pads trap dirt, dust and pet hair like crazy! And, the pads seriously last for years, and wash like a dream.

    💡 This mop can clean be used vertically such as on walls, stairs and windows, because it is lightweight and the mop head swivels easily. (TIP: Be sure to prime the tank by pressing the spray nozzle in an upright position periodically, when using vertically or overhead. If spray flow stops, gently push the tank back into locked position).  The mop can also be used dry as a sweeper.

    This is a "swifter" (and more eco-friendly) option for floor cleaning. 🌎

    Save $$ on disposable pad systems. No more heavy buckets to lug around, no more disposable pads and chemical-filled plastic refill tanks to keep much cheaper in the long run, and better for the planet too. 💚

    TO WET MOP:  Just fill the tank with your own cleaning solution or our every-surface "1 CLEANER", spray the floor, swipe and DONE!

    (No rinsing is required when using 1 CLEANER.)

    3 L  of our all natural & chemical-free "1 CLEANER" (10 mop tank refills) is included in the 2nd option when you buy the "Total Floor Cleaning Kit". 1 CLEANER makes cleaning a breeze because it is pH-balanced and safe for cleaning ALL floor types (including delicate wood and stone floors), to a sparkling and streak-free shine! ✨

    No batteries required. Imported.

    1 Cleaner 3 L