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Two Acre Farm
Beeswax Food Wraps | 3-Pack
Handmade in Canada by Two Acre Farm from Locally Sourced Beeswax


SKU 1312

These gorgeous food wraps are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wrap.

Handmade by Two Acre Farm from locally sourced Canadian beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil and 100% cotton.

Set contains 1 of each size 12" x 12", 10" x 10" and 8" x 8" (3 wraps).

Wrap cheese, bread, fruit & veggies, leftovers, sandwiches and more! Breathable wrap extends freshness.

Do not use with meat or for hot food. Wash with cool water and a gentle dish soap. Place flat on a baking sheet in a 200 F oven for 3 minutes to redistribute wax if needed.

  • biodegradable

  • antibacterial

  • zero waste

  • lasts for up to a year with regular use

  • compost at end of life 🌎

Handmade in Collingwood, Ontario by Two Acre Farm. 🇨🇦