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Lovin' Earth, Lovin' Eco! Gift Set
Zero-Waste, Sustainable Home. Eco Gifts


SKU 3339

Lovin' Earth, Lovin' Eco! Gift Set includes items that can be reused time and time again - you'll even want to reuse the farmhouse box it comes in!

All of the items in this gift (including the wrapping) are biodegradable. 🌎 ♻️ 🌳

Set contains (click on any of the links to view product specifications):

- Set of 6 New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls,  XL in cotton bag;

- Pack of 5 Compostable & Plastic-Free Razors;

- Set of 2 Handmade & Biodegradable Dish Scrubber Sponges;

- Set of 12 Bamboo Pads in cotton washing bag (for makeup removal and a great general use alternative to cotton balls);

- 1 organic cotton Produce & Storage Bag, with scale tare weight tag;

- 2 Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes, soft bristle

- Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set: includes 1 each of a bamboo spoon, fork, knife and straw, with stainless straw cleaner in cotton travel bag.

 Set is thoughtfully wrapped in reusable and biodegradable packaging made of paper, wood and cotton. 💚